Fuel Log Evo: A great way to maintain your wheels

Driving a car costs money. Driving a truck costs money, too. But how much?
Everybody is on a budget. Some budgets are small, some are not so small. But nobody can afford to waste money.

Tracking expenses in an App shouldn't be difficult, otherwise we can continue with pen and paper.

Then there is the maintenance of her. New vehicles want their maintenance schedule or the warranty will be void. A reliable vehicle will need regular maintenance. Modern cars will remind you, but only shortly before the service is due. And only when you are sitting in the truck. A maintenance schedule to check at your convenience would be great. A reminder that is always with you is what you want.

So this is where Fuel Log Evo comes in. Read on

Do you want to have it your way?
All Data Easy to See
  • Track all costs and expenses:
    • Gas, Diesel, Electricity
    • Maintenance, Service, Repairs
    • Parking, Tolls
    • ...

No fixed grouping! No hard coded categories!

  • Categorize it the way you need it
  • See the consumption. Monitor where the mileage is going
  • See how much you spend. See where you spend your money.
Do you want to see it all?
Manage multiple Vehicles
  • Gas, petrol, diesel? Plug-in or Electric?
  • Car, Motor Bike, Truck
  • Set the app to your own maintenance schedules
  • Get reminded when a service is due
Do you want flexibility?
Choose Your Preferred Settings
  • Miles per Gallon
  • Liter per Kilometer. Liter per 100 Kilometer
  • Need electricity? Use KWh

Your wheels have a foreign speedo?

  • Mix Your Own Units
There are two Apps: What's the difference?
Fuel Log Evo
Fuel Log EvoYou like what you read here and you want it now. Then
purchase Fuel Log Evo now and start using it right away. All the features are available in the app.

Fuel Log 3
Fuel Log 3You you want to test it first. Then download Fuel Log 3 for free and start monitoring your refills. Unlock features like Categories, Notes and the ImportExport Pack from within the app.